manabadi_admitions_2011The basis for any culture is its language. UNESCO feels that Telugu is in the one of the endangered languages. SiliconAndhra through its Manabadi initiative is teaching our mother tongue Telugu to several thousands of kids who are born and brought up outside Andhra Pradesh

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kuchipudibannerKuchipudi is the heartbeat of Telugu people. Through the Kuchipudi initiative SiliconAndhra is protecting and promoting this beautiful centuries old art form. SiliconAdhra has done several international level conventions to bring awareness and generate interest in the next generation.

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sujanamukhapatramThe webzine is a monthly web version of the “Sujanaranjani” magazine to spread ‘Telugudanam’ (Telugu culture) around the world!. This is the first ever multimedia magazine in Telugu. This has a wide readership worldwide. The webzine, attracts over 10,000 visitors per month.

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giftnewSiliconAndhra is working very closely with the State Government of Andhra Pradesh on ‘Global Internet Forum For Telugu (GIFT)’ initiative with the goal to bring together the technology and language. This helps current generation of kids who are very technology oriented to use Telugu.

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annamayyabannerSri Tallapaka Annamacharya is a saint born 600 years ago in Andhra Pradesh. His life is an epitome of devotion to Lord Venkateswara and he has worshiped the Lord with thousands of keerthans. SiliconAndhra has the distinction of celebrating the Birth Anniversary of the hallowed saint every year in a unique way – once across the country and another time, in many countries all over the world on the same day in the same fashion.

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Mangalvadya Sammelanam

mangalavadyamDole, Nada Swaram, Clarinet and Saxophone are of significant importance in Indian Classical Music. The splendid ensemble of these instruments termed, Mangalavadyam is considered to be very auspicious and has been mesmerizing Carnatic Music lovers for a long time. SiliconAndhra has come up with the initiative to showcase this unique art form with the initiative to showcase this unique art form across the globe during the two days of congregation named “Antarjateeya Mangalavadya Sammelanam”. This effort got 3 Guinness Book of World Records.