About SAY

  1. Objective – SAY is a new initiative of SiliconAndhra which is targeted for the youth between 12yrs and 25yrs

SAY believes in 4 C’s Culture, Community, Career & Connect. It aims to create a platform for the youth to involve in activities which would result in their overall personality development.

  • Aims to create awareness about various social issues
  • Empower Youth and create budding leaders
  • Educate youth about the importance of our mother tongue Telugu, Traditions, Dressing, Food
  • To provide opportunities to volunteer and get involved in the community around
  • To help in community projects adopted by SiliconAndhra
  1. Upcoming Events
  2. SiliconAndhra Youth Conference – April 23rd
  3. Awareness Workshops
  4. Monthly Youth Activities/Meetings

Who can become a SAY Member – Anyone who is between 12 yrs – 25 yrs

  • Provide contact details – Name, Email, Ph No , Parent Name, Email, Ph to youth@siliconandhra.org
  • Send a picture/Take a picture with one of the Volunteer
  • Pay a one time $10 Registration fee. Make a check payable to “SiliconAndhra” or paypal to ‘remit[at]siliconandhra.org’

Email to youth@siliconandhra.org

Sneha Vedula – 408-930-1862

Shirisha Kaleru – 510-396-2929

Kishore Boddu – 408-876-7418