about us

SiliconAndhra is a non-profit organization with goals to maintain and perpetuate the Telugu Samskriti(Culture), Sahityam(Literature), and Sampradayam(Tradition) among the Telugu speaking people of USA. SiliconAndhra intends to organize unique cultural and literary events that depict the rich cultural heritage traditions and arts of Andhra Pradesh


SiliconAndhra is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, non-political, non-religious, cultural and community organization based in the Silicon Valley (Bay Area), California. The purpose of the organization is to serve the community through cultural and charity work. The organization strives to promote, preserve and perpetuate the unique Telugu culture (“samskriti”), literature (“saahityam”) and traditions (“sampradayam”) of the Andhra Pradesh region of India and strives to instill the value system in the community. Telugu language has a rich history of about 2500 years and its culture; traditions and literature have been dated back to early 700 BC. SiliconAndhra represents the aspirations of about 30,000 strong Telugu speaking people in the Silicon Valley, California.Among others, one of the key objectives of SiliconAndhra is to construct a “SiliconAndhra Bhavan” - a community welfare building to bring and educate the community under one roof. Education, Cultural and Literary programs, Community camps, Vernacular magazine and Charity work are some of the tools that the organization adopts to achieve its objectives. 

mission statement 

“To perpetuate Telugu culture, literature, traditions, and values and integrate them into modern life”.

One of the key objectives of SiliconAndhra is to educate the kids born and raised in US and the youth migrated to US, about the rich cultural heritage of Andhra Pradesh, India. Art, music, dance, language, poetry, traditions, family values are the heritage of Andhra Pradesh. SiliconAndhra is committed to raise the awareness of the Telugu culture among the denizens of US and integrate it seamlessly with the mainstream US culture.

As part of its commitment, SiliconAndhra invited renowned folk dance tutors from India to educate and train 250 individuals of all age groups in folk dance. The students gave a rousing performance in various SiliconAndhra events, in front of about 2200 audience. In 2003, SiliconAndhra invited Shri. Rallabandi Kavitha Prasad, a well-known poet and linguist in Southern India, to educate the local talent in the Silicon Valley and enact a poetic play in 2003 ACF. 

In order to encourage and educate the next-generation kids and youth in US, in organizing and managing events of great magnitude, SiliconAndhra let the youth organize the 2004 Ugaadi event. This was a very successful event attended by 1200 people. In 2004, SiliconAndhra roped in the services of two-time Nandi Award winner, a state award, Shri. Gummadi Gopalakrishna, in educating thirty local software professionals to enact a full length (three hour) musical drama with live orchestra. Now these individuals perform on par with any professional artists and are training other enthusiast in musical dramas. 

Most SiliconAndhra events provide an opportunity for aspiring artists to present their artistic skills to the community. Professionals in dance, music and literature lead and guide these artists in honing up their skills.

SiliconAndhra has organized 25 cultural programs, timed to correspond to important dates in the Indian calendar. Most programs feature Telugu music, dance, and poetry presented by master teachers and/or their students. In five years, more than 15,000 persons have attended one or more of these productions. 

Ashtaavadhaanam is a unique literary feat limited to Telugu language. In this the Avadhani (Scholar) is challenged by 8 scholars to come up with Telugu poems set to a particular meter instantaneously. ‘Avadhanam’ featured thrice, in the SiliconAndhra programs to date, to the delight of thousands of Telugu people in US. 

Kuchipudi is a centuries old classical dance form that originated in a small village Kuchipudi in Andhra Pradesh. Every year SiliconAndhra presents an original Kuchipudi ballet choreographed by one of the accomplished Kuchipudi dance teachers. "Rutu Sambhavam", Siva Ganga", "Gautama Buddha", "Telugu Tejam" , “Usha Kalyanam”, “Simhanandini” are the ballets presented so far. 

SiliconAndhra brings to life the various aspects of Telugu literature. Every year on Telugu New Year Day, several Telugu poets across the country come and present their own literary works to the amazement of hundreds of Telugu people. 

SiliconAndhra also presented classic literary dramas like Indra sabha and Bhuvana Vijayam. These programs highlighted the literary works of Telugu stalwarts in the courts of various kingdoms. In every culture, dramas epitomize the greatest art forms where different human emotions are best displayed. Among various forms of drama, "Padya Naatakam" (Play with verses) is one special drama, which is unique to Telugu speaking people. SiliconAndhra presented two masterpieces “SreeNadhudu” ,“Sri Krishna Raayabaram" and “Maaya Bazaar” to the delight of thousands of people. 

In the social drama section, SiliconAndhra presented excellent dramas with high production values. They are Kanya Sulkam, Baboi Bamma!, Bethala kathalu, Bala Nagamma and Baagamati. 

SiliconAndhra is blessed with a large pool of talented artists. Several of them play different musical instruments at professional level. Over the years, these artists came up with innovative ideas of musical ensembles of delight. All of them are unique and a special kind of programs.

“Layaamritavarshini” is one such very complex program with more than 50 artists playing different percussion instruments from around the world. Andhra Pradesh is known for its various forms of folk arts that originated in the villages. 

SiliconAndhra ventured to create a complete village setting “Tiranaalu” with scores of folk artists dancing to the tune of village rhythms. It was a spectacle applauded by thousands of people. 

SiliconAndhra always strives to bring greatest art forms of yester years and combine them with modern forms of presentation. Over the years SiliconAndhra earned the reputation that many people eagerly wait to see the programs and bring their kids to expose them to the true and traditional art forms.